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For much of the past ten years, I have been a sporadic blogger. Ironic, really, considering that by some accounts I popularized the term “social media” and championed the idea of blogging way back when. It turns out, I’ve always been more of an essayist and the short form, shoot-from-the-lip blog style didn’t well suit me.

But time passes and I realized that for want of more time and more quiet, I just don’t get around to writing things down. And then I forget. And then I wish I remembered.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the nature of things, the root causes that affect change, the ideas that ought to catch hold and the obstacles that keep that from happening. Mostly, I think about these things in the context of Silicon Valley and the nature of innovation and how both impact and are impacted by current events. Primarily, I am an insomniac and one has to think of something while laying awake in the dark.

Bubble and Blender seemed to be the right name for a platform of ideas and opinions. It reflects the current condition of Silicon Valley, the Innovation Ecosystem at larger, and of the grey matter that bounces around inside my skull. 

Until I to figure out how to merge my RSS feed into this page, you can visit the Bubble & Blender blog here.
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Bubble & Blender: The Chris Shipley Blog