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@CShipley: Technology journalist, analyst, entrepreneur & sometimes visionary. Weilding innovation to put a meaningful dent in the universe.

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Since 1984, Chris Shipley has identified the startups that are driving market disruption. As leader of the DEMO Conference (1996 to 2009), she helped more than 1,500 companies go to market. An analyst and innovative thinker, Chris focuses her work on entrepreneurs who are making sustainable impact in the world. 

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A leading technology analyst for more than 25 years, Chris is passionate about entrepreneurship as the driver of innovation, economic growth, and restorative sustainability. She has built a career identifying innovative startups that create market and drive positive and disruptive change. As the executive producer of the DEMO conference from 1996 to 2009, Chris helped more than 1,500 companies make their market debut. If those companies were a portfolio, they would have a combined market value of more than $60 Billion.

Chris began her career at Ziff-Davis, where she worked as a writer and editor for 12 years before joining International Data Group (IDG) to lead DEMO. Chris co-founded two companies, including the startup media and consulting firm Guidewire Group. She is currently a Fellow at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri where she is considering the impact of social media on the practice of journalism.

Her work has won numerous citations, including the prestigious SVForum Visionary Award in 2010. She sits on the board of Versaic, Inc. and is an advisor to a number of high-impact early stage companies. Chris holds BA degrees in Literature and Communication Arts from Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. 

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About Me
I am an analyst, writer, and innovation strategist. For much of the past three decades, I've observed, commented on, and (in some small way) shaped the startup ecosystem of the technology industry. I look at technology not with an engineer's enthusiasm for elegant code, but with a human eye for usefulness, practical advancement, and social impact. Technology for its own sake may be interesting, but for me, technology matters most when it positively impacts people and business.

Across my career, I have met with more than 20,000 companies, heard their pitches, and advised their strategies. With that kind of experience, I've developed an informed instinct that guides my innovation consulting practice. I work with startups intent on making an impact and leaving a positive impression on the world in which they live.  I speak to and consult with Global 1000 companies to help them reclaim the innovative and startup-like practices that enabled them to become the successful companies they are today.

I work with only a handful of clients at any one time, although I'm always eager to meet companies of any age and size exploring the challenges of becoming and remaining innovation leaders. To learn more about how we might work together, please contact me via email.